We are a team of transport professionals, and there are several values of Alpha Vip Transfer that we personally share with our clients. Here we would like to highlight the enthusiasm with which we share our knowledge of Ibiza.

Ibiza offers continuous discovery: inland paths that tell us how Ibizan agriculture is understood, inland routes that lead to grandiose cliffs, and coves with nearby paths and secrets for those who have just arrived in Ibiza that connect with other wonderful coastal enclaves. In Ibiza, to lose yourself in nature is to let yourself be carried away to an unforgettable discovery.

As residents and professionals of private passenger transport who know the richness of the environment, we feel that returning to certain natural enclaves in Ibiza can mean rediscovering them and understanding them as if for the first time.

We understand that part of our job as a private transport company is to share Ibiza’s environmental value with our clients.