Committed to Sustainability

Efficient, sustainable and simple management of private transfers in Ibiza

tres chicas guapas pie esperando a su transfer desde el aeropuerto de Ibiza

As a private transport company located in Ibiza, a tourist island, we practice sustainable and efficient management of our transfer services, using any natural resources in a responsible manner and participating in public and private environmental actions that take place in Ibiza.

We believe in the necessary balance between sustainability and private luxury transfers in Ibiza and any tourist destination.

Environmentally-responsible actions can be found in collective gestures, to a greater or lesser extent, as well as in our individual activities as people or entities. As a transport company based in Ibiza, these are some of the measures we are taking to reduce our environmental impact:

tres chicas guapas pie esperando a su transfer desde el aeropuerto de Ibiza
  • Our team of drivers receives and applies training on responsible driving in different aspects, such as energy saving.
  • Cleaning products and other products used to sanitise and improve the interior of our vehicles, such as air fresheners, are environmentally friendly.
  • The materials we offer our customers during their journeys, such as water and tissues, are environmentally-friendly, recycled and recyclable products.
  • We apply digital management models in order to reduce paper waste.

The Save Posidonia Project is a programme of the Consell Insular of the island of Formentera that promotes sustainable tourism and launches an action plan to raise funds for the conservation of the marine plant, Posidonia Oceánica.

We pair our participation in the project with a desire to make the Save Posidonia Project visible and to promote awareness of the vital importance of Posidonia in Ibiza and Formentera.

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect our natural resources. On this occasion, we’re focusing on Posidonia Oceánica as it is responsible for preserving Balearic and Mediterranean nature, beaches and the seabed. The beauty we find on the seabed during recreational activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling is the result of Posidonia’s great influence in the Mediterranean. In 1999 the meadow of the Salt Flats Natural Park on Ibiza and Formentera was declared a World Heritage Site.

Descubre la animada vida nocturna de Ibiza clubes bares y fiestas (1)
Descubre la animada vida nocturna de Ibiza clubes bares y fiestas (1)

The Save Posidonia Project highlights the need to work towards a more sustainable future, as well as responsible tourism that guarantees environmental balance and the possibility of enjoying our surroundings.

The programme allows for the participation of citizens and organisations in a highly significant way by sponsoring square metres of Posidonia, through the website or by contacting the organisation directly. The funds raised are used exclusively to subsidise projects related to sustainability and Posidonia.