Private transportation in Ibiza – Sustainability and Luxury in motion


We are aware of the need to protect the environment. As a private transport company in Ibiza, we carry out private transfers based on two key pillars: respect for the environment and the excellent, luxurious nature of our private transfer service.

We believe that sustainability and luxury services can coexist. Companies are responsible for ensuring the balance that enables the development of luxury private transport services while also respecting the environment.

We manage our private transport services in Ibiza with the desire that our customers live an excellent environmentally-friendly experience. As a private transport company, we practice and share our environmental awareness/actions with our customers and business network on a daily basis.

Ibiza is a small island and, during the tourist season, transfers increase considerably and certain protected areas receive a negative environmental impact. Choosing alternative routes and avoiding visits to crowded places at certain times are small gestures that we can all make to reduce the deterioration of Ibiza’s natural wealth.