How to choose a private transfer company in Ibiza?


New customers often share with us their satisfaction of having chosen us and admit to finding the process of selecting a private transport company in Ibiza a bit confusing and time-consuming.

We understand the difficulty of making an important decision, such as that of selecting a safe, private transport service for transfers during your holiday and therefore, below is a list of key issues to consider at the time of searching and choosing a private transport company in Ibiza:

  • Carry out the search and examine the results according to the main point: That the entity is a legally established transport company. This way, you’ll avoid hiring companies or individuals that don’t comply with the regulations for private transport in Ibiza.
  • Carry out a search including key words about private transport in Ibiza and other words that define your preferences and requirements, such as: safety, comfort and specialisation in certain transfer services in Ibiza.
  • Analyse the web content of the different results. Those that appear as Google ads aren’t necessarily more relevant than others. Browse through the different websites and check if the service meets your selection criteria.