The best restaurants to try local gastronomy in Ibiza


Ibiza, known for its vibrant parties and beautiful beaches, is also a culinary paradise that delights taste buds with authentic and exquisite flavors. If you are planning a trip to this charming island, you cannot miss the opportunity to indulge in its rich local gastronomy. In this guide, we will take you on a culinary journey and present a selection of the best restaurants in Ibiza, where you can savor the most representative dishes of Ibizan cuisine.

From traditional “Bullit de Peix” and “Sofrit Pagès” to delicious desserts like “Flaó,” each dish tells a story and reflects the island’s culture and traditions. Our list of restaurants will provide you with an authentic and unique experience, where you can enjoy the freshness of local ingredients and the passion of chefs who honor Ibizan cuisine.

Explore Mediterranean flavors with a fusion of local ingredients and traditional culinary techniques, and be captivated by the charming atmosphere that these restaurants offer. Whether you prefer a romantic dinner with sea views or a cozy meal in an Ibizan finca, these restaurants have something special for all diners.

So, get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that will satisfy all your senses as you immerse yourself in authentic and delicious Ibizan food.

Restaurant Can Toni

Can Toni is a charming restaurant located in a typical Ibizan finca with over 300 years of history. Its rustic and cozy ambiance will transport you to traditional Ibiza while you enjoy the best local cuisine. Among its standout dishes are “Bullit de Peix” and “Arroz a la Marinera,” which will delight you with authentic flavors of the Mediterranean Sea.

Restaurant Es Boldadó

Es Boldadó is a unique restaurant located on a cliff with stunning sea views. Its specialty is fresh seafood and fish caught in the same bay. Don’t miss their famous “Caldereta de Langosta,” a delicious lobster soup with an Ibizan touch that will leave you wanting more.

Restaurant Sa Nansa

Sa Nansa is a restaurant with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, perfect for a romantic dinner. Its menu highlights traditional dishes of Ibizan cuisine with a modern twist. Try their “Sofrit Pagès” and “Borrida de Rajada” for a true gastronomic experience of Ibiza.

Restaurant Can Caus

Can Caus is a charming family-run restaurant surrounded by nature and tranquility. Their cuisine focuses on homemade and traditional recipes, using fresh ingredients from the island. Don’t miss trying their “Flaó,” a typical Ibiza dessert made with cheese and aromatic herbs.

Tips for Enjoying Local Gastronomy to the Fullest in Ibiza

  • Try typical dishes: Don’t miss the opportunity to taste traditional dishes of Ibizan cuisine, such as “Bullit de Peix,” “Sofrit Pagès,” and “Flaó.” Each dish tells a story and is an essential part of the island’s culinary culture.
  • Explore local markets: Visit local markets to discover fresh and authentic ingredients used in Ibizan cuisine. Markets are an excellent way to get to know the local culture and traditions.
  • Choose restaurants with sea views: Enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience by choosing restaurants with sea views. In addition to delicious food, you’ll be delighted with stunning views of the Mediterranean.
  • Accompany your meal with local wines: Try Ibiza’s local wines to complement your meals. The island has vineyards that produce unique and delicious wines that enhance the flavors of the food.
  • Experience fusion cuisine: Discover restaurants that offer a fusion of Ibizan cuisine with international influences. This combination of flavors will provide you with an innovative and exciting culinary experience.
  • Ask the locals: Don’t hesitate to ask the locals about their favorite restaurants and recommended dishes. The Ibicencos are friendly and will be delighted to share their knowledge of the island’s best gastronomy.
  • Book in advance: Some popular restaurants can fill up quickly, especially during peak season. Be sure to make a reservation in advance to secure a table at the places you wish to visit.