Explore the Magic of Christmas in Ibiza: Discover its Festive Charms


Ibiza, known for its vibrant nightlife, transforms into a festive stage during the Christmas season. Discover how the island comes alive with bright lights and contagious joy, capturing the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Markets: Treasures and Unique Gifts

Explore Ibiza’s charming Christmas markets, where local artisans offer unique treasures. From handmade ornaments to culinary delights, immerse yourself in the authenticity of Ibiza’s Christmas.

Ibiza Town Christmas Market

Visit the lively Christmas Market in the heart of Ibiza Town, where the streets are filled with colorful stalls. Find unique gifts and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Craft Fair in Santa Eulalia

The Craft Fair in Santa Eulalia is a delight for handmade lovers. Discover unique creations as you stroll through this charming market.

Christmas Traditions: Ibiza Style

Immerse yourself in Ibiza’s Christmas traditions. From Christmas Eve processions to the “Festa del Porquet” feast, discover how the island celebrates the season with its unique touch.

Christmas Eve Processions

Participate in the emotional Christmas Eve processions that roam the streets of Ibiza. Experience the essence of Christmas as the island fills with music and celebration.

Festa del Porquet: A Culminating Tradition

The “Festa del Porquet” is a culinary tradition marking the end of the year. Join this unique festivity as locals gather to celebrate with gastronomic delights.

Festive Gastronomy: Flavors of Ibiza at Christmas

Discover Ibiza’s culinary richness during the festivities. From traditional feasts to exquisite Christmas sweets, delight your palate with the festive flavors of the island.

Christmas Eve Dinner with Sea Views

Enjoy a unique Christmas Eve Dinner at Ibiza’s seaside restaurants. Savor local delights while gazing at the bright lights of the island.

Ibiza Christmas Sweets

Taste traditional Ibiza Christmas sweets, such as “Bunyols” and “Turrón de Mató.” Each bite is a delight reflecting the authenticity of the season.

Festive Activities: Fun for Everyone

From ice skating to festive concerts, discover the activities Ibiza offers at Christmas for family and friends.

Ice Skating Rink at Plaza Antoni Albert i Nieto

Have fun at the Ice Skating Rink at Plaza Antoni Albert i Nieto, where fun is guaranteed for all ages. A perfect place to create festive memories.

Christmas Concerts in Various Venues

Immerse yourself in festive music with numerous concerts held in various venues on the island. From Christmas choirs to live performances, find the perfect soundtrack for your Christmas in Ibiza.

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